Hi! I'm Christopher Cardoso, a full stack developer based in Toronto.

I love learning new technologies and provide a great user experience on the products I build. I'm specialized in JavaScript, particularly in React.js and Node.js and also like GraphQL, TypeScript, Next.js, Gatsby.js, and even more. I love using all the modern JS stack to transform ideas into real products

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About me

About Me

I am passionate about creating products and learning new technologies. I have been creating digital products for the last couple of years, and I always try to give the best user experience possible. Recently, I was working for Speaken a french startup based in Paris, where I've got a couple of challenges to face like create a new React.JS App from scratch with Next.js, TypeScript, React context and Hooks as state management. We use also Jest for testing and Domain Driven Design to handle the data from the API. Now, I'm basing in Toronto, and I want to help teams to craft beautiful and functional products with all my passion for tech.

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